Ego by Gandini.

The Racing Department of Gandini Ingranaggi Srl, reveals to the world its latest creation, designed and manufactured and patented with the latest techniques addressing the world of competition. EGO therefore stands as a category reference point in the final transmission on motor vehicles in terms of masses, smoothness and wear resistance: three clear objectives fully focused by the Gandini Race, an optimization work that involved different design aspects, starting from the elimination of the crown holder.

In July 2019, Gandini presents EGO, the revolutionary monobloc crown with an exclusive design, a new benchmark in the final transmission in terms of efficiency and performance, thanks also to the Leopard Racing team, new Moto3 #k19 world champions have won the title of best Team manufacturer and best driver with Lorenzo Dalla Porta, (as well as winners of the world title in 2017) always with the Gandini crowns, has developed and used exclusively for the 2019 season the new EGO design, reproducible for any type, model and teeth.