and gear machining

We produce various types of industrial gears, from the smallest to the largest. We specialize in manufacturing:


  • Straight / Helical Gears
  • Internal Toothed Gears
  • Chain Gears: Standard and Special
  • External Convex Gears
  • Bevel Gears: with Right Teeth and “Gleason” Spiral Teeth
  • Gears for Changing Motorcycles and Vintage Cars
  • Worm Screw sprockets
  • Worm Screws and Ground Worm Screws
  • Straight and helical Racks
  • Ground Gears


  • Grooved shafts with finished profile
  • Grounded profile grooved shafts
  • Special profile grooved shafts (on request)
  • Grooved shafts DIN 5480 | DIN 5482 | UNI 220 | UNI 221


  • Special profile broaching according to customer specifications
  • DIN and UNI grooved profile broaching
  • Hexagonal and square profile broaching
  • Broaching for keys from 2 to 100 mm max. length 550 mm
  • Keyway Quarry Bottlenecks


  • Toothed pulleys RPP, HTD, STPD
  • Toothed Pulleys AT, H, L
  • Toothed pulleys MXL, T
  • Toothed Pulleys XH, XL
  • Toothed Pulleys Poly-V
  • Toothed Pulleys for V-belts
  • Toothed Pulleys on Specifications


Straight and Helical Gears

  • From minimum module of 0.5 mm to maximum module of 24 mm;
  • from a minimum diameter of 10 mm to a maximum diameter of 1,800 mm.

Internal Toothed Gears

  • From min. 0.5 mm module to max. 14 mm module;
  • From min. 20 mm diameter to max. 1,250 mm diameter;
  • Maximum band 200 mm.

Gears for Chain

  • For any type of application (e.g. transport, agricultural, etc.).

External Convex Gears

  • Up to a maximum diameter of 900 mm (according to customer specifications).

Toothed Pulleys

  • Customer Specification.

Worm Gear Screws

  • Thread from 0.5 mm module to 12 mm module.

Grooved Shafts

  • Maximum diameter 350 mm;
  • Maximum length 3,200 mm.

Straight and Helical Racks

  • Lunghezza massima 3.000 mm;
  • Maximum band 250 mm;
  • Maximum module 16 mm.

Keyway Quarry Bottlenecks

  • Di vario genere, a disegno del cliente.


  • Various kinds, according to the customer’s design.

Ground Worm Gear Screws

  • From a minimum module of 0.5 mm to a maximum module of 12 mm.

Gear grinding

  • Processing from module 05 to module 22;
  • From diameter 10 mm to maximum 800 mm.

Turning and Milling in general

  • Customer Specification.

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Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini Race
Ingranaggi Gandini Race
Ingranaggi Gandini
Ingranaggi Gandini Race
Ingranaggi Gandini
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