WSSP: Aegerter with Ten Kate dominates the championship riding the Yr6, new partnership and immediately the first title with GANDINI RACE.

With the advent of Gandini on Yamaha it is as if Ten Kate had “risen” from her ashes to take a new flight in the renewed panorama of the Superbike World Championship.
This year Ten Kate made the difficult choice to leave the Superbike to focus only on the Supersport and do all in with a very fast and reliable driver like the Swiss Dominique Aegerter, who took the team by the hand dominating the season starting from the third round after having kicked the rival of the season: Odendaal.
A season that saw the Swiss win four times Race 1 and six times Race 2 for a total of ten successes combined with three pole and 14 podiums in total, with also a round skipped to play the MotoE in Misano and try to win that championship too.
With third place in Race-2 yesterday in San Juan, Aegerter brought the Ten Kate team back to the roof of the Supersport.
The partnership with Gandini, active only from the beginning of 2021, has brought great luck to the Dutch team, which adds another world championship to its incredible board that already boasts 9 drivers’ titles.